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About Us


Bill Hayes is the owner and creative force behind Bilco Builders.  He brings a lifetime of experience to his work and strives to create living spaces that are not only beautiful, but also functional.  He partners with every customer and listens to their desires and strives to achieve what they picture in their minds.

Originally from Kentucky, Bill grew up on a farm and raised a variety of animals.  Later he attended Western Kentucky University graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Working in the corporate world in many different industries, Bill found his niche working with with a home improvement company for 15 years.


After seeing the positive and negative aspects of working for a large company, Bill decided to venture out on his own and began remodeling and renovating homes while working with other local builders.  Using the skills he acquired as a child on a farm, he learned about building fences, training rings, pens, barns, sheds, and even the home which he lived...and that's what gave him his passion for building.  Perhaps by growing up in a rigid household he learned early in life the idiom, "Do it right the first time!" as well as, "The quality of your work is a reflection of who you are."  This has given Bill the drive to do his best every time!  Now, living and working in Pensacola for almost 20 years and becoming a registered Residential Contractor, Bill considers this area his home and wants to make it the best home possible.

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